Engineering Aesthetics

DevconTLV January Conference, Thursday, January 30, 2014, 09:45


Most of the developers heard or told that they don't give a crap about
visual design, they only care about the code, rest is not important
and it's a designer's problem to care about it. This is just not
right, Boris is not a designer and he will try to explain why's that
not right.

Dressed to the nines and always ready to program, Boris Nadion combines his Fred Astaire moves with over twenty years of professional programming experience to get the job done, whatever it may be.

Boris started programming in 1992 and has been developing on the web with an assorted combination of programming languages ever since. Although his background is in storage technologies, file systems and reverse engineering, he specializes in Ruby, Rails, Javascript of all flavors, legacy coding and is a Photoshop master. If he was stranded on an island with a lifetime supply of beer and only one programming language to code with, no doubt he would pick Ruby.

Boris founded Astrails with his two friends, Michael and Vitaly. When he isn’t working, Boris enjoys listening to jazz and beating Michael at tennis.

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