GDK Sneak Peek Overview

DevconTLV January Conference, Thursday, January 30, 2014, 15:30

The Glass Development Kit (GDK) is an add-on to the Android SDK, Glassware built with the GDK runs on Glass itself, allowing access to low-level hardware features.

GDK Sneak Peek is an early release of the GDK that is subject to changes, withdrawals, and additions at any time. . You'll also need a good knowledge of Android development before using the GDK.

Founder of Johnny505 Studios where he does consulting and development for Android, Glass, wearables and the web.

Jonathan has set to create the first incubator for wearable apps and devices in collaboration with London-based Nonlinear Labs and is currently recieving  applications for the first intake with residencies starting in 2014.

Recently he co-organized the successful Glass and Wearables Hackathon at London and the First Google Glass Hackathon in Israel, he's currently working on creating more fun developers events and innovation in the wearable world such as "Hack2Wear - Wearables and Ubiquitous Hackathon" in February and "Wearable Tech Israel" in May which will feature Robert Scoble and prominent wearable startups.

Likes wearables, ubiquitous tech, people and the places they meet.
An enthusiastic Google, open source and security advocate (not necessarily in that order)

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