The Agile dialogue with Trust

DevconTLV January Conference, Thursday, January 30, 2014, 14:00

Trust is very delusive: while trust is often the root cause of either team failure or success, it is challenging to measure it or sense it directly. As there are very few 'hard' indicators for trust, any indication for lack of trust should be considered a red-flag.

During the transition to Agile, there are many opportunities to build multi-directional trust (management, employees and team members). However, while the Agile assimilation process can be used to leverage the basic trust within the organization, a shallow move to Agile can result in a total destruction of the minimal trust that has existed in the organization prior to the Agile attempt.

In this talk I shall review the contribution of the core elements of Agile towards building trust and also discuss the core aspects of becoming trustworthy in the workplace, from three aspects: as an employee, as a team member and as a manager.

Dr. Dror  Zernik

Dr. Dror Zernik

When successful - a trusted advisor

In the past six years Dror has been coaching many companies in their transition to Agile as a lead coach in AgileSparks. Among his customers are large and medium Israeli corporations, as well as startups. When analyzing what made each project different, the realization came clear -  management's trustworthiness is at the core of the Agile Journey.

Dror was the founder, VP R&D and leader of several startups. Prior to that Dror was a researcher in the IBM Research Labs, and a faculty member in the Technion.

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