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Raphael Fogel


Sell VS Build


Over the first 7 years of Wix, Wix infrastructure has gone a number of transformations, starting as a monolithic application server with MySQL, evolving to a service based architecture with with diverse... (Read More)
Yoav Abrahami


In the presentation I'll discuss the evaluation of technologies to access big data repositories.

The main technologies I'm going to talk about are Java map-reduce, Hive, Pig and Impala as an examples for the... (Read More)
Ophir Cohen


In this talk I'll introduce OSv, a new, from-scratch operating system designed specifically for cloud deployments. We will showcase the operating system architecture and explain the performance and manageability... (Read More)
Avi Kivity



Most of the developers heard or told that they don't give a crap about
visual design, they only care about the code, rest is not important
and it's a designer's problem to care about it. This is just... (Read More)




The lecture will enable a rare glimpse into the workings of hackers, when moving rapidly through a wide range of topics by using examples and stories of personal experience -
All in a wild and fun atmosphere but... (Read More)
Elad Shapira


Ever wanted to know how Chromecast works under the hood? In this talk I'll take it apart and dissect the open protocols and technologies that were used and defined by Google and apparently, Netflix, to build this... (Read More)
Dotan Nahum


We're all attracted to the cloud's flexibility, but do we know what we're getting in terms of performance? And how that performance changes due to other users sharing the same hardware?

In this talk I will... (קרא עוד)
Gideon Greenspan


Counting millions of events and showing real-time numbers and leaderboards is a big challenge in sites with high scalability.

On FTBpro.com, the largest fan-generated football media brand globally, we developed a... (Read More)
Ron Schwartz


Most of developers (at least in this audience ;) agree that DevOps is the way to go.
Beyond culture and processes there is the question of tools and skills in using them.
Most of the tools are new and not easy to... (Read More)
Pavel Suchman


Mass production and standard tooling have been around in manufacturing industries for a hundred years. Computing and web companies still typically install and maintain infrastructure manually like its 1901.

Fear... (Read More)


Lately it seems that whatever conference you attend everyone is talking about Continuous Delivery: tools, success stories, services, books.... you name it. To some people, it seems that DevOps is about Continuous... (Read More)


We all know that bringing devops practices to your organisation is hard and very labour intensive task. Despite the fact that for large organisations it is still a real challenge, for small startups and development... (Read More)


Unit testing is easy... In a perfect world.
Our world is not.

This talk will cover a bunch of tips, tricks, and techniques to retofit ugly legacy applications so parts of them can be unit... (Read More)
Allon Mureinik


Agile Track


Release planning is not something you do only at the beginning of a release. The world of software is much more dynamic than that and plans are made to be changed. Effective release planing is much more similar... (Read More)
Lital  Hassine


Trust is very delusive: while trust is often the root cause of either team failure or success, it is challenging to measure it or sense it directly. As there are very few 'hard' indicators for trust, any... (קרא עוד)
Dr. Dror  Zernik


AdvanScrum - spice up your Scrum!
Danny  Kovatch


Google Glass Track


The Glass Development Kit (GDK) is an add-on to the Android SDK, Glassware built with the GDK runs on Glass itself, allowing access to low-level hardware features.

GDK Sneak Peek is an early release of the... (Read More)
Jonathan  Schipper


The Google Mirror API allows you to build web-based services, called Glassware, that interact with Google Glass. It provides this functionality over a cloud-based API and does not require running code on Glass.
Yossi Elkrief


Live demos of new Glass projects


Glassbeats.me - Glass as a midi-controller / looping device
Matan  Berkowitz


Smart house - Control your home with Glass


Glass driving HUD - Car computer data on Glass using ODB2


TeleGlass - Glass Teleprompter


Stalkee - Stalk your friends
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