Ron has been a software developer for more than 10 years, but only escaped the dark world of .Net 2 years ago and has now seen the light of open source web development. He was once involved in developing a mobile fashion app, but now works in the football world as a software developer for He has a particular interest in the Product aspects of the development process

Presentations by Ron Schwartz:

  • DevconTLV January Conference, Thursday, January 30, 2014, 12:00

    Counting millions of events and showing real-time numbers and leaderboards is a big challenge in sites with high scalability.

    On, the largest fan-generated football media brand globally, we developed a counting database based on Nginx, Redis and Lua scripting language (!), leveraging them to create a live and scalable counting solution.

    We enjoyed the project so much that we open sourced it. Come and hear about our journey and product!

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